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When Tradewind's Dachshunds started we were Dachshunds by Kay and Robin. We originated out of Virginia. We were a mother and daughter team. I grew up around the dog show circuit. My mom use to raise and breed and show toy poodles. This kept on till I was in my teens. My mom was a vet tech for a few years as well as a dog groomer and taught me a lot when it came to treating the animals properly. Then when I grew up I worked as a vet tech myself for a vet who specialized in animal reproduction. I was also her puppy girl and took care or all the lab puppies she bred herself. I cannot give enough thanks to both of those women for teaching me all I know in animal husbandry. I am still learning today and I continue to learn every single day. 

My mom and I started breeding dachshunds from a red mini male named Schatzi. That was the start of Dachshunds by Kay and Robin. We eventually changed our name due to it didn't fit on pedigrees well. So we went with Tradewind Dachshunds and have been Tradewind's ever since. 

Four years ago my Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and also to complicate matters she had a major stroke. Because of the stroke she could not have surgery to remove the cancer and get treated for the cancer. She lasted almost 6 months from the day she was diagnosed. I miss her everyday but have made a promise to myself that I will continue to keep our love of this breed alive and continue to breed for the quality of dachshunds my mom and I were aiming toward. I know even though she is not with me physically helping me breed and raise these dogs she is with me in spirit in every puppy that is born to Tradewind's. She loved this breed and loved being able to touch people’s lives with joy with every puppy we adopted out. 

I use to think Tradewind Dachshunds was her dream but now I realize it was as much if not more my dream then hers. I love my dogs. They are not only my dogs they are members of my family...my kids. I do not think I could bear to go on without them. 

Anyway I hope we can help you find your new family member because to be honest...a Tradewind Dachshund is an awesome dog to own. If you are lucky enough to own one then you are truly blessed.

I get another ?? all the time from many of you..I am asked how do you do it? How do you let them all go? My heart breaks a little every time, but also seeing everyone being so happy with their new babies. Getting notes saying thank you for deciding to allow us to be one of your babies family...this is the biggest gift I can do for all of you..to allow you to meet and have part of my heart. Each baby that leaves is a part of my heart. Cherish them greatly for you are one of the lucky ones to have been given part of my heart.
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