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Please do not give this drug to your pets....Now offered in a different name called Comboguard...
We do not offering shipping of any kind due to the new USDA regulations.
No puppies will be held without a Deposit no exceptions. 
Litters go from oldest to youngest:
Available Puppies
Please be sure before coming to see our pups that you do not go anyplace else that you could contract germs. Also, you should bring a pair of socks with you because you will be asked to remove your shoes and this way you have some socks to wear inside our home. I do this to protect them from germs. Parvo is transmitted most times off your shoes. We even do not wear our outside shoes inside our home around our puppies. They stay on the porch where germy shoes belong.  Also, we don't allow folks to hold our pups to prevent germs as well. Not until the day you pick them up when they are ready to leave. 
~~Thank you,